Are More Workouts Better if You Want to Get Fit?

So you’ve got goals, and you’re fired up to accomplish them. Will working out a lot help you do it? The answer is “maybe.” To give you a more precise answer, we’ll need to dig in and consider a few variables: your fitness level, your goals, and your recovery. Your

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The Top 7 Benefits of Adding Muscle

Why should someone add muscle to their body? The short answer: It’s great for your health. Keep in mind that we aren’t talking about huge amounts of muscle. Sometimes people think of oversized bodybuilders when they hear the word “muscle,” but we’re referring to smaller amounts of muscle added to

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How Much Intensity Do You Need to Get Fit?

“Intensity” is a hot word in fitness—so how much of it do you need to accomplish your goals? The answer: Just enough but not too much. What is Intensity? First, a definition. Intensity is the volume, magnitude, or degree of something. In the gym, we can simplify that to mean

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