Throwdown Thursday

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CrossFit Tiffin – CrossFit


Bench Warm up (No Measure)

30 Arm Circles Forward and Backwards

15 Push-Ups

15-20 Sit-Ups

15 Plyo Push-ups

15-20 Supermans

15 Bench Press w/ Bar


Bench Press (4, 4, 4, 4)

Four sets of:

Bench Press x 4 reps

Rest 30 seconds

45-60 second Side Plank each side

Rest 60 seconds


Five Sets: Burpee/Dip Fest (5 Rounds for reps)

Five sets for max reps (of Dips):

In 60 seconds, complete 15 Burpees and then as many reps as possible of Unbroken Ring Dips

Rest 60 seconds between sets


Buy Out: ROMWOD stretches #1 (No Measure)

2 minutes Puppy Dog Pose

2 minutes Squat Hold

2 minutes Twisted Cross (each arm)

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