Week 3 Day 1

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CrossFit Tiffin – Boot Camp

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Boot Camp Warm-up (No Measure)

Dynamic group warm-up led by coach; athletes line up at the end of the rubber mats, perform movement til the end of the rig, turn around and easy jog back in line. Movements:

– Easy jog down

– High knees

– Butt kicks

– Pull knee in front

– Pull ankle back

– Side shuffle L, R

– Carioca L, R

– Alternating soldier kicks

– Toe touches

– Walk up on your toes

– Lunge with a twist

– Long strides backwards

– Broad jumps

– Inch worms w/ push-up

– Crab walk

– Bear crawl

– Sprint down halfway and back, jog down (x3)

Then, athletes spread out into group into sets of 10-20:

– Jumping jacks

– High knees

– Butt kicks

– Mountain climbers


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Modified TABATA: 20 seconds of work movement #1, 20 s. movement #2, 40 s. rest. Perform each set of movements 4 times. Rest about 3 minutes between sets.

Set 1:

– Mountain climbers under the rig

– Continuous hops with arms extended, touch target ~6″ above max reach with each hop

Set 2:

– Battle ropes attached to rig

– Push presses with plate

Set 3:

– Abmat sit-ups

– Supermans


Metcon (No Measure)

Core work:

Pike + roll-in on med ball:

Athlete is in a plank position with palms on the floor and feet resting on med ball. Athlete first rolls med ball in t by piking hips into the air, keeping legs straight; then, athlete rolls med ball back out by lowering hips; athlete rolls med ball back in by bringing knees to their chest; finally, athlete rolls med ball back out by straightening legs. 1 pike + 1 roll-in = 1 rep. Complete 30 reps.


Boot Camp Cool-down (No Measure)

Group stretching: stretch ankles, calves, shins, quads, hamstrings, hips, core, shoulders, neck.

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