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About CrossFit Tiffin

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

What does this really mean?

We take a wide variety of movements and combine them to create a fun, effective workout program.

What is it like at CrossFit Tiffin?

  • 45 minute classes that include a warm-up, strength/skill, conditioning, and a cool down
  • Skilled instruction on each movement so that you are moving safely and effectively
  • Performance tracking with the Wodify program so you can keep track of all of your results, progress, and PR’s
  • A coach and members that know your name and care about you and your goals
  • A fun, relaxed atmosphere that encourages everyone to do their best

Our focus at CrossFit Tiffin:

  • Proper movement to maximize safety and results
  • Matching the movement, weight, and intensity of each workout to each member’s fitness level
  • Improvement in strength, flexibility, skill, and overall health
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition, exercise, better sleep, lower stress, etc.

Who can join CrossFit Tiffin?

Anyone can join at any time including:

  • People that are in great shape or total couch potatoes
  • Young people, old people, middle aged people
  • People that do power lifting, marathon running, Olympic lifting, 5Ks, or other sports
  • College athletes, high school athletes, former athletes.
  • People that need to lose weight
  • People that want to gain muscle
  • Anybody that wants to improve their fitness and life

How do you join?

Click on this link to schedule a free trial or to sign-up.

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